Hello everyone. I just want to start by thanking you for visiting my website and showing interest in my artwork. I am Kevin Tafoya from Santa Clara Pueblo in New Mexico. I have been doing pottery for 30 years. I started when I was around 10 years old. In the last 10 years is when I started to bring out my art work to let everyone enjoy it. I did my first show in 2012 at the Swaia Indian market. I was lucky enough to enter a piece of my pottery and take 2nd place in the pottery class. That year my aunt took 1st place. 
The pottery that I make are consider miniatures. Most Santa Clara pottery is about 6 to 8 inches in height and 5 to 7 inches in width. My family has done many smaller pieces. I spent a lot of time watching my grandmother, father, and my aunts make pottery. So that is what has kept me to continue to make miniatures. This has been a family tradition for 4 generations. We have all kept the traditional ways of mixing the clay, making the pottery and firing the pottery same way for all these years. The only thing that has changed is the designs and the way each of us have put ourselves in the designs which make them unique to each of us. Many people will know my family's work. My grandmother Cresenia Tafoya, Father Mark Tafoya, Aunts Harriet Tafoya, Pauline Martinez, Anne Baca. This is something that I enjoy doing and hope to pass the tradition on to my son. Thank you again for visiting my site and hope you enjoy the art work.